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Executive Search

We are focused on executive search in the pharmaceutical industry and related lines of business – often called Life Science.
We are specialized in headhunting and assessment of managers at the VP/President/strategic levels and in the employment of managers and skilled academics/specialists at the tactical/strategic levels.

As a client of ours, you are not abandoned once your star is hired. Onboarding is a natural part of our services and we have always given a high priority to our follow-up on the new managers after 6 and 12 months.

In Denmark, the lack of qualified staff in ao. Production, Support and Quality is a reality. The demand continues to grow. Company recruitment of the necessary staff will, as a consequence, increasingly require expert knowledge from a company like Beirholm Search because we supply market knowledge which is both updated and extensive.


In addition to the numerous search assignments we have undertaken, Beirholm Search has also completed a large number of selection contracts – particularly based on our our very deep knowledge of companies and staff in this line of business, which contributes to increasing the certainty of good selection results for our client company.

The basic focus of a selection is to pinpoint the best of the available applicants for a vacant position advertised in the press. This does not necessarily equal finding the most suitable candidate, since the right candidate may not be prepared to apply for a position!

The assistance of Beirholm Search in a selection process helps the company ensure:

  • Focus of the advertisement text to help limit the number of applicants to relevant candidates.
  • Professional handling of the often quite many applications which may arrive regardless of proven methods to target the advertisement.
  • High probability of previous knowledge of some applicants for a given position.
  • Possibility of professional testing of shortlisted candidates – possibly supplemented by a group test to ascertain candidate suitability to work environment.
  • Access to experience and knowledge to assess whether the advertisement has reached the target audience and a sufficient number of candidates – or whether a new round of advertising would be advisable.

Career Counselling

There are many reasons for you to feel a need for career counselling. You may be positioned in a job and feel that you have ‘moved on’, or you may have left a job. It is important for job and work life to match your wishes and values. It is also important to be conscious of and utilize the professional and personal resources and competences you have acquired. Our career counselling starts with the present situation of the individual and designs a possible course of action towards the desired situation with regard to background, skills, competences, resources and opportunities. We will be able to support you in attaining your goals. Gain consciousness of the competences you do not recognize and unfold your talents. Contact us to discuss this opportunity. Process and contents will be individually planned.


The fast pace of changes in our world may make companies need to lay off even highly valued and competent employees. We have been retained by a number of companies to undertake taylor-made processes for such employees and have had the pleasure of seeing all of them find new jobs within the specified 6 month term.

Our model is always adapted to the wishes of our clients and the needs of the employee.