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For you as a candidate

We assure your anonymity until you have given the ‘green light’ to forwarding your CV and test results to the company. Insofar as possible, we also ensure that only the managers directly involved in the client company will hear your name.

For this reason, the first meeting with the company will often take place in the offices of Beirholm Search.

Documents related to your interest in a job will be destroyed after use. With your express acceptance in writing, we do keep a copy of your CV. If we need references from a former employer, we will not proceed until after interview and your acceptance

When you have completed one of our tests you will receive a subsequent verbal feedback and a copy of the test results.

For you as a client

  • We only accept assignments for which we are qualified and can complete within the agreed timetable
  • We work effectively with every assignment process
  • We work with loyalty to the client’s best interest
  • We hold all information about the client in strict confidence