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We always employ one or more tests in the recruitment process to gain ”standardized” knowledge and understanding of the future employee.

We deploy a tool kit of various tests from recognized national and international suppliers:

From the Danish Kjærulf and Partners we use the KP Profile Test. This test, which is developed in Denmark based on Danish norms and cooperative customs, will among others measure stress handling and humour – two very important factors in doing well in any given job.

A couple of more extensive tests with more dimensions are recommendable for the strategic level and skilled academics. These include the PTP/ People test system and OPQ/SHL or KP.

Traditionally, personality analyses are used to assess job-personality match and the cooperative profile with regard to department and company. However, robustness, power, drive and other factors inherent in the personality are also measured.

We also have IQ and logical tests (competence tests). Besides generating the intelligence quotient, these tests also elucidate the person’s problem solving abilities and strategy. This enables us to form valid hypotheses about the person’s task handling and provides information about the types of work that will underpin that person’s strengths.
IQ in itself only tells us of “the size of engine” we are dealing with. The other scales and functionality of PTL provides insights into how the engine is used.

Furthermore, we can arrange tests of teams.