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CV Advice

CV Advice

Ideas for a good CV

A good and easily accessible CV is important in any jobseeking situation. Not only the contents are important. The layout may also make a difference.
Make it simple and readable with short and factual descriptions. Use no more than two font sizes and employ bulleted lists, if you can.

Personal information

Personal information at the top of the first page: Name, address, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone (mobile + landline).


When you list your educations it is best to use reverse chronology. Most recent education comes first.


Here too the most recent employment comes first.
It is important to name the company and position(s) and to indicate the exact employment period for each position. You should describe your most recent positions and responsibilities in more detail: Contents and scope of the work and specific professional areas.

Special conditions

Special competences and experiences such as budget responsibility, management, project management, awards received, etc.

Courses and supplementary education

If you have completed other education, list the courses you find most relevant for this job.


Indicate languages you master and your level of proficiency in writing and speech.


Describe general and specific IT knowledge.


Where do you gain your knowledge – what are your relations and network outside of your job?


Briefly describe your hobbies and leisure time interests.